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Data Management

6775/6775A Digital Thermometer

6775 Digital Thermometer

The 6775 Digital Thermometer provides digital precision and reliability for temperature measurements. Designed for use with the Parr 1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter, the working temperature range is 10 to 40 degrees Celsius.

The 6775A Data Logging Dual Channel Digital Thermometer comes equipped with a serial RS-232C interface. This interface is used to configure the thermometer for advanced operation such as logging temperatures at a user specified time interval. Comes standard with one temperature probe.

Note: The 6775/6775A are powered by two 1936E Lithium batteries (included).

Ordering Guide
6775Digital Thermometer
6775AData Logging Dual Channel Digital Thermometer
1168E2Thermistor Probe
1936E3.6V Lithium Battery (2 required)

Barcode Support Packages

6750 Proximate Interface Shown with Standard Barcode Support Package

The use of barcodes in the laboratory has become a highly accurate, rapid and inexpensive way to identify samples. Parr offers two complete packages that can also be sold as individual components for use with the Parr 6000 Series instruments.

Ordering Guide
A1950EStandard Bar Code Package: Scanner, Printer, Installation CD & Feature Key
A1958EDeluxe Bar Code Package: Two Scanners, Printer, Installation CD & Two Feature Keys
A1954EScanner with Power Supply
A1955EBar Code Printer with Power Supply and USB Cable
1394DDBar Code Labels

1759 Printer


Operating results and operator messages are displayed clearly on the touch screen for review and action. Many users who connect their calorimeter to a computer will choose to print their results from their computer and will not need a dedicated printer for their calorimeter.
For users who prefer to have a dedicated printer at the calorimeter, Parr offers the compact model 1759 Printer with USB interface.
The 1759 printer is a compact, dot matrix printer setup for 40-column reports. It is the default printer for the 6000 Series Calorimeters. It is housed in a separate 6.5 inches wide, 10 inches deep and 6 inches high. It operates from its own power supply.

Ordering Guide
1759EA/EFPrinter with Power Supply 115 / 230 volt
334CPrinter Paper (for 1757/1759 printer)
335CRibbon (for 1757/1758 printer)
381CRibbon (for 1759 printer)
A2170EUSB Printer Cable (for 1759 printer)

SD Memory Management

The controller of the 6000 Series Calorimeters can accept SD memory cards. These cards can be used to:

  • Copy test file data for transfer to a computer
  • Copy log file data for transfer to a computer
  • Copy user settings for back up
  • Reload user settings to the controller
  • Restore or update the controller’s operating system.
Ordering Guide
2202EReader, SD USB
2201ESD Memory Card
596MSD Installation Instructions for Software Update

Compact Flash Memory Management

128MB Compact Flash

6000 Series Calorimeters produced before October 2010 can accept compact flash memory cards. These cards can be used to:

  • Copy test file data for transfer to a computer
  • Copy user settings for back up
  • Reload user settings to the controller
  • Restore or update the controller’s operating system.

Calorimetric Standards

Benzoic Acid

2901 Benzoic Acid

Calorific standard in powder or pellet form for standardizing all oxygen bomb calorimeters.

Ordering Guide
3403Benzoic acid powder, 30g bottle
3413Benzoic acid, 1.0 gram pellets, bottle of 20
3414Benzoic acid, 0.2 gram pellets, bottle of 100
3415Benzoic acid, 1.0 gram pellets, bottle of 100
3416Benzoic acid, 1.0 gram pellets, bottle of 500
3417Benzoic acid, 0.2 gram pellets, bottle of 500
3418Benzoic acid, 0.2 gram pellets, bottle of 1000

Tris Standard
Trizma base calorific standard, =99.9% (titration), crystalline, for standardizing solution calorimeters.

Ordering Guide
3421Tris, calibration standard, 100 g bottle
3422Tris, calorimetric test substance, 100 g bottle

Oxygen Combustion Vessels

1138 Oxygen Combustion Vessel

1138 Oxygen Combustion Bomb


The 1138 Oxygen Vessel is the standard vessel in the 6400 Calorimeter. The 1138 Oxygen Vessel has been designed to withstand a higher magnitude of tests. The head is designed with an O-ring groove which is optimized to minimize frictional wear, in turn improving the lifetime of the seal. The vessel head is removable for fast sample loading using the patented Quick Twist-Lock vessel closure design.

Ordering Guide
1138Oxygen Vessel for 6300/6400 Calorimeter, 250 mL, Alloy 20Cb-3
1138CLOxygen Vessel for 6300/6400 Calorimeter for chlorine service, 250 mL, Alloy G30

1108 Oxygen Combustion Vessel

1108 Oxygen Combustion Bomb

The 1108 Vessel is the standard, 350 mL, general purpose vessel used in all Parr 6100, 6200 and 1341 Calorimeters, and in the 1901 Vessel Combustion Apparatus. It will safely burn samples liberating up to a maximum of 8000 calories per charge, using oxygen charging pressures up to 40 atm.

See 1108 Oxygen Combustion Vessel for more information.


1110 Vessel for the 6050 Compensated Jacket Calorimeter

1108 Oxygen Combustion Bomb

Designed specifically for the 6050 Compensated Jacket Calorimeter, the 1110 uses samples up to one gram in size, releasing up to 10,000 calories per test using oxygen charging pressures up to 40 atm. The 6050 features a threaded screw cap for easy closure with 1.5 turns. Standard construction uses T316 Stainless Steel and is also available in Alloy 20 and Alloy G30.

Ordering Guide
1110Oxygen Vessel for 6050 Calorimeter, 250 mL, T316SS
1110CCOxygen Vessel for 6050 Calorimeter for Sulfur Service, 250 mL, Alloy 20Cb-3
1110CLOxygen Vessel for 6050 Calorimeter for Chlorine Service, 250 mL, Alloy G30

1104 High Pressure Oxygen Combustion Vessel

1104 High Pressure Oxygen Combustion Bomb

The 1104 High Strength Vessel with Cage and Loop is a heavy-walled, 240 mL vessel. It is designed for combustion tests of explosives and other fast burning, high energy samples, that burn with extreme violence. The 1104 High Strength Vessel will handle samples liberating up to 12,000 calories using an oxygen charging pressure up to 45 atm (665 psig).

See 1104 High Pressure Oxygen Combustion Vessel for more information.


1109A Semi-micro Oxygen Combustion Vessel

1109A Semi-micro Oxygen Combustion Bomb

The 22 mL 1109A Semi-micro vessel is the smallest Parr Combustion Vessel. It will handle samples that range from 25 to 200 milligrams, liberating 52 to 1200 calories when burned in oxygen, using initial pressures up to 35 atmospheres. Outputs of up to 2400 calories can be accommodated if the sample is self-oxidizing, provided it is burned in an inert atmosphere and does not produce gas.

See 1109A Semi-micro Oxygen Combustion Vessel for more information.


Other Oxygen Combustion Vessels

See Other Oxygen Combustion Vessels for more information.

Water Handling Systems

6510 Water Handling System

6510 Water Handling System

The 6510 Water Handling System is a closed loop system offered for our 6100 and 6200 Calorimeters.

In a closed loop system, the bucket water is recycled to a holding tank and circulated through a cooler to bring the water back to the desired starting temperature. It also provides cooling water for the jacket in the 6200 Calorimeters. Users who desire more consistency than tap water provides, or where water supplies may be high in mineral contents which over time can deposit in the calorimeter, will prefer this mode of operation.

The 6510 Water Handling System uses thermoelectric cooling and and a unique glass pipette to deliver a precise amount of temperature controlled water for filling the bucket and provide cooling water for the jacket.

Ordering Guide
6510EA/EFWater Recirculation System 115 / 230 volt

Additional Calorimeter Accessories

Pellet Press

2811 Pellet Press

The Parr Pellet Press provides a convenient and inexpensive means for compressing powdered samples into pellet or tablet form for oxygen bomb calorimetry. Although many materials burn well as a loose powder, others such as benzoic acid must be pelletized for safe and complete combustion. A pelletized sample will: a) restrict the burning rate to a safe level, b) immobilize loose powder and prevent a possible blowout from the combustion cup, and c) permit easy handling during weighing and transfer to the bomb.
Pellets produced in the Parr press are cylindrical in shape with flat ends. Punch and die sets are available in six sizes from 3.0 mm to 1/2 inch diameters. All are interchangeable in the same basic press. The 1/2 inch size is most commonly used for bomb calorimetry.

Ordering Guide
2810Pellet press without punch & die set
2811Pellet press with 0.50 inch punch & die set
2813Pellet press with 0.375 inch punch & die set
2817Pellet press with 0.25 inch punch & die set
2818Pellet press with 0.125 inch punch & die set
2819Pellet press with 3.0 mm punch & die set
2820Pellet press with 4.5 mm punch & die set

Fuse Wire
Ordering Guide
45C10Fuse Wire, Ni-Cr alloy, 34ga., 10cm cards, 500pcs/card, 3cards/pkg, 1500pcs/pkg
45C2Fuse Wire, platinum, 26ga., priced per foot
45C3Fuse Wire, platinum, 36ga., 300cm
840DD2Heat Wire for 1131 & 1136 oxygen vessels, Ni-Cr alloy, 60″, to be cut to 1.5″ lengths
845DDIgnition Thread, cotton, ball, use as auxiliary fuse in oxygen vessels

Fuel Capsules

43AS Stainless Steel Combustion Capsules

Parr offers a variety of fuel capsules from the standard stainless steel to fused silica or platinum to handle a variety of needs.

Ordering Guide
43ASFuel Capsule, stainless steel
43A3Fuel Capsule, fused silica
43A5Fuel Capsule, platinum-rhodium
43A6Fuel Capsule, platinum-rhodium, with rim

Sealing Tape
Volatile samples can be handled in a standard 43AS or in a 43A6 platinum capsule by covering the top of the capsule with a disc of adhesive tape.
Parr’s 517A tape is free of chlorine and low in sulfur.

Ordering Guide
517AAdhesive Sealing Tape

Gelatin Capsules

3601 Gelatin Capsules

Volatile liquid samples to be burned in an oxygen vessel can be weighed and handled conveniently in these two piece capsules. Size 00 capsules hold 0.9mL.

Ordering Guide
3601Gelatin Capsules, Size 00, pack of 100

VM Crucible

VM Crucibles with cover

An inexpensive, 13mL, nickel-chromium alloy crucible with an insert cover for determining volatile matter in coal and coke. Will withstand repeated heating to 1000°C without appreciable change in tare weight, but not recommended for procedures requiring extreme corrosion resistance.

Ordering Guide
3101VM Crucible with insert cover
3102VM Crucible without cover
3103Insert cover for VM crucible

Spare Parts

Oxygen Vessel Maintenance Kits
Ordering Guide
6004Kit, 500 Firings Parts 1104
6007Kit, 500 Firings Parts 1107
6008Kit, 500 Firings Parts 1108/CL
6008PKit, 500 Firings Parts 1108P/CL
6008RKit, 500 Firings Parts 1108R/CL
6009AKit, 500 Firings Parts 1109A
6010Kit, 500 Firings Parts 1110/CL
6036Kit, 500 Firings Parts 1136/38/CL with A895DD Head Style
6038Kit, 500 Firings Parts 1136/38/CL with A1450DD Head Style

These kits include all of the parts that Parr recommends be replaced in the oxygen vessel after 500 firings. Please note that these parts may need to be replaced on a more frequent basis depending on the nature of the sample. Included with the kit is a diagram, instructing the user on the proper placement of the parts. The kits are intended to supply the user with enough parts to perform the recommended 500 firing maintenance twelve times.

1 Year Service Kits
These kits are intended to supply the user with the standard parts generally replaced in the calorimeter and oxygen vessels after one year of service. These kits are tailored to the individual calorimeter and bomb choice of the user. For example, if a user with a 6200 Calorimeter and an 1108 Oxygen Vessel would be interested in the 6209B 1 Year Service Kit. This kit would include a 6008 Firing Maintenance Kit, fuse wire, combustion capsules, benzoic acid pellets, two straight electrodes, two loop electrodes, fill connection o-rings, an oxygen filter, lead wires, a lid seal, a timing belt and replacement tubing.
The part numbers for these kits are listed in the following table.

Ordering Guide
Vessel Model Number6400/6300 Automatic Isoperibol Calorimeter6200 Isoperibol Calorimeter6100 Compensated Jacket Calorimeter6050 Compensated Jacket Calorimeter1341 Plain Jacket Calorimeter
1136 / 1138 w/A895DD Head 6309B
1138 w/A1450DD6409B

Additional Options

Remote Interface Feature Key for the Parr 6000 Series Calorimeters
The operation of the 6000 series calorimeters can now be executed from a PC. This remote interface can be used on a stand alone PC, a LAN or the Internet.

Ordering Guide
1965ERemote Feature Key

Barcode Feature Key for the Parr 6000 Series Calorimeters
The use of barcodes in the laboratory has become a highly accurate, rapid, and inexpensive way to identify samples. The Barcode Feature Key enables users to easily enter sample IDs and weights in the 6000 series of calorimeters.

Ordering Guide
A1950EStandard Bar Code Package including: Scanner, Printer, and Feature Key
A1958EDeluxe Bar Code Package including: Two Scanners, Printer, and 2 Feature Keys

Samba Server Feature Key for the Parr 6000 Series Calorimeters
The Samba server feature option in the 6000 series calorimeters offers seamless file services to Windows™ based clients. It allows the calorimeter to interact with a Microsoft Windows™ client as if it is a Windows™ file server.

Ordering Guide
2183ESamba Server Feature Key