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Parr Fall 2019 Dealer Training

It has been a great week of training and learning about Parr reactors, pressure vessels, calorimeters and other products with some of our wonderful dealers.

Thank you to  Olivier Davidts with Analis, sa /nv in Belgium, Peter Korosi with Lab-Ex Laboratory Trade Ltd. in Hungary, Onur Iscan & Hidir Sen Adli with Terralab Laboratuvar Malzemeleri San.Tic.A.S in Turkey, Andres Mora with Servicios Analiticos SASA S.A. in Costa Rica, Neurin Rodriguez with BioAnalytical Dominicana in Dominican Republic, Joeseph Crespo with BioAnalytical Instruments in Puerto Rico for making the trip to join us at our facility in Moline, Illinois.

We are thankful to have such knowledgeable experts as these on our team to help support Parr products around the world!

Parr Training in Singapore & Malaysia

Thank you to all in attendance for our Safety Presentation on Parr Acid Digestion Vessels, Calorimeters, and Reactors at Nanyang Technological University! Thank you also to our dealer Fisher Scientific in Singapore for hosting the event. The talk was presented by Parr’s Export Sales Manager & Calorimeter Product Manager Steve Lierly who has been visiting Parr customer and dealers in Singapore and Malaysia.

Attendees for the Parr Safety Training Presentation at Nanyang Technological University.

Attendees for the Parr Safety Training Presentation at Nanyang Technological University.

What is Hydrothermal Synthesis?

Models 4744 (45 mL) and 4749 (23 mL) Vessels with PTFE liners
Models 4744 (45 mL) and 4749 (23 mL)
Vessels with PTFE liners

Hydrothermal synthesis is a technique that involves the growth of materials from aqueous solutions at elevated temperature and pressure. The term hydrothermal usually refers to any heterogeneous reaction in the presence of aqueous solvents and complexing agents under high pressure and temperature conditions to dissolve and recrystallize materials that are relatively insoluble under ordinary conditions. The hydrothermal technique is widely used for the synthesis of a variety of inorganic compounds, nanomaterials and zeolites. It is a highly interdisciplinary subject and the technique is popularly used by geologists, biologists, physicists, chemists, ceramists, hydrometallurgists, material scientists, engineers, and many others.

In addition to their normal uses for sample digestion and dissolution, Parr’s Acid Digestion Vessels haven proven to be an excellent means to perform hydrothermal synthesis. Learn more.

Parr’s Jim Nelson Interviewed by Chemical Today Magazine

Jim Nelson with a custom Parr Tubular Reactor

Parr’s President and COO discusses growth in the chemical industry, market trends for laboratory equipment, and Parr’s 120 year history of providing quality laboratory instruments and apparatus in a recent interview with Chemical Today Magazine.

“Researchers from around the world rely on Parr’s scientific and engineering design expertise and we are continually expanding our skills for designing and developing custom systems. We continue to lead the industry in innovation, safety and reliability.”

Read the full article!

Parr Multi Reactor Systems

Six Reactor Parallel System with Automated Sampling System
Six Reactor Parallel System with Automated Sampling System

Parr has seen a recent increase in demand for both parallel and series multi reactor systems. Parallel systems have been requested for use in high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, corrosion testing, and catalyst testing. Multiple reactors plumbed in series have typically been configured as CSTR’s used for conducting multiple reactions sequentially. With this demand, we have designed and manufactured multi reactor systems using our largest stirred reactors (four 20L), to our smallest (six 25mL), and many in between.

Our multi reactor systems are used by combinatorial chemists at pharmaceutical companies, catalyst development researchers at petroleum companies, material scientists at polymer producers, production engineers at energy storage and mining companies, and academic researchers pursuing widely varied research avenues.

The Shift from Batch to Continuous-Flow Reactors

Up-flow 5403 Tubular Reactor System with 300 mL heated volume, one purge line, one gas feed, two liquid feeds, product cooling condenser, and automated 2-phase back pressure regulator. An automated liquid sampler captures representative samples at a user-programmable interval.
5403 Tubular Reactor System with automated liquid sampler.

Recently, continuous-flow reactors have become commonplace in pharmaceutical laboratories and production facilities. This style of reactor permits easier automation of sequential and parametric changes in temperature, pressure, flow rate, and residence time. The amount of product becomes a function of time, not larger equipment, thereby leading to increased safety as smaller amounts of materials are present at any given time.

Learn more.

Parr Participates in Flow Chemistry Panel Discussion

Click to read the e-version!

Parr’s Senior Product Manager Steve Perry, Ph.D. was invited to participate in Chemistry Today’s Panel Discussion on manufacturing using flow chemistry in industrial applications. Some of the topics covered include the advantages of flow chemistry over batch processing, how to minimize risk when implementing a new technique, the role of modeling in flow process development, and what challenges remain in flow chemistry. Read the full discussion in Chemistry Today’s May/June issue!

Stirred Reactors for Biomass Applications

In the biomass world, process inputs include a wide range of organic objects: from sticks and intact sugarcane stalks to ground wood pulp to viscous suspensions of algae. Each of these starting materials can require unique chemistry and mixing techniques to be properly agitated.

Parr's Stirred Reactors offer various loading and mixing options for biomass applications.

One liter horizontal reactor with heavy-duty stirring motor and double anchor stirrers.
One liter horizontal reactor with heavy-duty stirring motor and double anchor stirrers.

Learn more about our custom reactor options for biomass applications.


Combustion Calorimetry Presentations

We are proud to announce that one of our senior scientists, Andrei Yermalayeu Ph.D. will be speaking at two upcoming scientific conferences.

23rd Kalorimetrietage | PTB Braunschweig, Germany | June 12 - 14, 2019

2nd JTACC and 7th V4 | Budapest, Hungary | June 18-21, 2019

photo of Andrei Yermalayeu
Dr. Andrei Yermalayeu

Dr. Yermalayeu is an expert in the field of thermodynamics and oxygen bomb calorimetry. His presentation "Combustion Calorimetry: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow" will include:

  • The origins of oxygen vessel combustion calorimetry including thermodynamic research and industrial R&D.

  • The changing role of coal testing.

  • Current applications.

  • Calorimeter user expectations and what they mean to the future of calorimetry.

We are excited for Dr. Yermalayeu's participation in these conferences to both learn and share with other leaders in the field of calorimetry.

Parr Training at John Morris Scientific

Parr’s Export Sales Manager & Calorimeter Product Manager Steve Lierly is visiting our dealer John Morris Scientific in Australia and New Zealand for the next few weeks. While there Mr. Lierly will be training the John Morris Group’s sales people, service technicians, as well as end users on Parr Calorimeters & Reactors.

Steve Lierly and Service Technicians from John Morris Group at the Sydney branch.
Steve Lierly and Service Technicians from John Morris Group at the Sydney branch.